Making your services accessible for people with communication disabilities

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Making your services accessible for people with communication disabilities: Team

Our team members are experienced in either using or providing communication assistance. They will be guiding you through the Communication Assistance course.

Anne Abbot

My name is Anne Abbott. I am an artist, a writer and an advocate for people like me who have communication disabilities.Within my full and active life, I sell my artwork in-person and online; write a personal blog, and manage my own attendant services. I also take care of my two kittens Sherlock and Watson.

Farrah Sattaur

My name is Farrah Sattaur. I am an advocate for people with disabilities. I like to educate the public about those us who have communication disabilities. I have worked on a number of CDAC projects.

Kevin Bolianatz

My name is Kevin Bolianatz. I am an attendant and provide personal support services for Sam Savona.

Sam Savona

My name is Sam Savona. I’m an advocate for people with disabilities. I sit on many boards and committees. Other than that, I do a lot of community work.

Barbara Collier

I'm Barbara Collier, Executive Director of Communication Disabilities Access Canada. My background is in speech-language pathology, augmentative communication, human rights and disability. With input from the course instructors, I am the author of the Communication Assistance Course and the manager for this project.

Shelley Deegan

My name is Shelley Deegan. I recently retired as a Speech-Language Pathologist from the Technology Access Clinic at Hamilton Health Sciences. I worked in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication for 40 years. I am pleased to be the moderator on this Communication Assistance Course.

Jason Jang

I'm Jason Jang, Web Developer for CDAC. I have over a decade of experience in web and software. I am also a musician, taco chef, and student of chinese medicine. I'm happy my efforts with CDAC will provide help to so many.

Laure Préchonnet

My name is Laure Préchonnet. I have been working for many years as a French translator with Communication Disabilities Access Canada.

Megan O'Connor

Megan O'Connor provides communication assistance for Anne Abbott.

Other CDAC team Members

Videographer: Sean Story

Consultant: Diana Kinslikh